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A Website Re-designed and Re-positioned

Easterseals is America’s largest nonprofit healthcare organisation, supporting over a million people through its national network and affiliates. The affiliate Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford area provides the community with early learning support and disability
programmes, including those for children with autism.

The Challenge

To develop a new, self-contained website that would be easy to maintain and manage and yet would still be a recognisable part of the larger Easterseals family and brand. What’s more, the website needed to support future ambitions and position our client as a thought leader in affecting policy, not simply a provider of services

The Process

Wondersphere started by fully immersing ourselves in the Easterseals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford organisation, the needs of the audience, as well as the CEO’s vision and ambition. Once we were clear on the new direction, we began looking at how we could restructure the content and rethink the user journey across the website, to better showcase our client’s expertise, advocacy, and on-the- ground community initiatives. 

Wondersphere’s strategy included thinking about our client’s two main purposes: early learning and disability services, and advocating for the best science and support systems available in those domains. We used distinct colour palettes to clearly earmark resources in each section and demonstrate how our client leads in these two domains.



The website felt crowded, with many competing messages on the front page. On a practical level it was hard to update, and navigation didn’t feel intuitive. Moreover, users wouldn’t have fully understood the range of what our client does and how this fits in with the larger Easterseals organisation.


A cleaner user experience that supports the practical functions of the nonprofit while clearly communicating vision and leadership.

Our client’s role as a thought leader in the domains of early learning and disability comes across to the website’s audience. So, too, does their community provision – emotional support and high- level, evidence-based expertise.

The new design integrates seamlessly with the overall Easterseals brand and can be updated and managed centrally, reducing overall staff hours.

From a user’s perspective, resources are much more intuitive and easy to find, enabling the Easterseals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford affiliate to better serve its communities.

We Say

Wondersphere was brought on board through word-of-mouth recommendation, but we always work hard to earn client trust. That trust enables us to deliver our best work. Our approach is to provide tactical support and strategic direction, not just technical expertise. And we do like to have a bit of fun along the way.

They Say

"The Wondersphere team blended strong design and technical expertise to guide us through the process of rebuilding and enhancing both the way we describe and present our work as well as the representation of our brand. The new website is a beautiful encapsulation of our mission and our work. We are deeply grateful to Wondersphere.”

Sara Ray Stoelinga, President & CEO



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