We worked with Gusbourne, makers of the finest English Sparkling Wine, to support the growth of international sales and to help consolidate and build their reputation as a luxury global brand.

How do you get people to truly understand who you are and the principles you stand for? There’s no better way than engaging with them directly, one on one. It’s as true for people as it is for brands.

Since 2004 when the first vines were planted, Wondersphere has been part of the Gusbourne journey. We’ve been instrumental in developing the Gusbourne values, personality and character - and we’ve contributed to its growth over many years. The value of the business has grown exponentially - from start up business to listing on the AIM stock exchange in London.

By 2016, we were ready to shift the emphasis away from building awareness of the business as a wine producer, to developing Gusbourne as a lifestyle brand. Our proposal was to develop a visitor centre; an immersive experience that would tell the Gusbourne story in a compelling way, led by the people who work at the winery.


The Nest.

Yes, building the visitor centre would require significant investment from our client. It took some financial modelling to convince Gusbourne to commit to the project. We conservatively estimated that the investment would be paid back within three years; as it turns out, the Nest was able to generate revenues to recoup this cost much sooner.

Our starting point with the visitor centre was to devise a strategy that would deliver an enlightening encounter that was both warm and welcoming. The concept called for a ‘stage’ on which people were brought to the fore. The design was fine-tuned and developed with our client to deliver an authentic Gusbourne experience hosted by knowledgeable and passionate people.

Wondersphere oversaw all elements of the construction and fit-out of what would become the Nest. We worked hand in hand with our client to recruit and train staff, developing the script for bespoke tasting sessions and vineyard tour experiences.

The Result.

A disused part of the winery was transformed into a luxury brand encounter. The entire experience is wrapped in a lattice of oak beams (The Nest), and telling the story of Gusbourne dating back to 1410. Visitors are encouraged to peruse at leisure and engage with a number of different hosted activities from winemaking to pruning, from wine tasing to food pairings. The atmosphere is as important as the design; no selling and no pressure, just a one on one encounter with people, the heart and soul of Gusbourne.

“The Nest creates a stage on which to showcase Gusbourne people and allow their passion for making award-winning vintage wine to shine,” says Wondersphere founder Francis Court.


The Last Drop.

The state-of-the-art visitor centre and cellar door operation opened in July 2017, generating substantial new revenues, alongside untold brand affinity and loyalty.

Of course this made us fizz with excitement, but we’re not the only ones. Andrew Weeber, founder and chairman of Gusbourne, has reason to feel happy too:

“We are fortunate to have an agency partner who, over many years, has delivered exceptional work across the entire spectrum of design needs for our business. This agency has influenced nearly every facet of the business and provided invaluable counsel to myself and the management team on all of the fundamental business decisions.”

That deserves raising a glass of Gusbourne and toasting more success to come.