A brand refresh designed to put personality back on the menu and secure funding to grow the business.

Attitude can be hard to define, because it’s not just a simple set of attributes, it’s also about personality.

The Carving Board, a Los Angeles based sandwich chain, was having trouble expressing its personality. It was lost in a messy tangle of different ideas and a logo that was overly complicated and hard to reproduce.

Very simply, there was nothing to hold the brand together. It was likely that a customer would forget where they ate that amazing sandwich - and these sandwiches were anything but forgettable.

Carving Board Logo GIF

Enter Wondersphere.

With investment on the line that would drive expansion, the Adir brothers - the brains and chefs behind the Carving Board - sought help from Wondersphere in creating a strong brand and clear messaging. It had to resonate with consumers and be as full of personality as its unique sandwiches. Let’s be honest, these aren’t your ordinary ham and cheese with some floppy white bread.

With names like Big Kahuna and the Spaghetti & Meatballwich, these sandwiches were crying out for some creative juices and big brand personality.


Yep, we know what you’re thinking -

Full. Filling. Sandwiches.

Right? That’s exactly what we thought.

With a hashtag that no one was likely to forget in a hurry, the personality of Carving Board was captured - it was cheeky, irreverent and didn’t take itself too seriously.

Carving Board Store FFS

The Carving Board.

We knew we had a great product, high-quality ingredients and a beautiful combination of sandwich fillings that were literally dripping with fresh flavours. The visual language of the logo and the branding had to reflect this too. We ensured that the visuals and the photography shared the same attitude and suddenly the brand came to life as something cohesive and personality-driven. It was larger than life, just like the product.

But we didn’t stop with simply refreshing the brand and nailing the messaging. We helped Carving Board design the fit-out of the restaurants, the menus and the website​. We made sure the concept was consistent all the way through, down to some rather desirable ‘board director’ T-shirts.

Carving Board got its funding and was able to expand its chain in L.A. and it can now be found as far away as Dubai.

It was a Full. Filling. End.

(Sorry, we couldn’t resist).