When our client behind ‘Invest for Good’ approached us, they had no more than an idea to build a community of people interested in business as a force for good. But without a recognisable name, brand or vehicle to reach this community, it would be a challenge to engage them in anything meaningful.


Wondersphere spotted the opportunity to develop a platform that would resonate with an audience motivated by stories of purpose and profit.

That’s how Invest for Good as a brand was born. It has evolved into a credible platform that delivers content about sustainable organisations, enterprises and businesses that are united by their desire to positively change the world.

Wondersphere founder, Francis Court, says: “We pride ourselves on applying strategic and creative thinking to every client brief. Invest for Good presented us with the exciting opportunity of developing an identity and brand from scratch, allowing us to create unique long term value for a specific audience.”

Create great content.

In reaching an audience through an online platform, you always have to start with your content. What can you create that will appeal directly to them? Invest for Good is a blog about people with professional influence and expertise. It was our goal to make it accessible, so we focused on personal stories.

We found high-profile players in the field of impact investing, and we approached social entrepreneurs coming up with innovative solutions 
to intractable problems. Both shared their thoughts and insights with Invest for Good, as well as their ambitions and challenges.

This had the effect of driving awareness to an organisation or individual doing great work - and is motivational too.

Our audience increasingly likes what it sees. Visits to the website have gone up 180% in the last six months. In December 2019, Invest for Good had about 2,000 page views but that had more than doubled by January 2020. And we’re only getting started.

Be Bold.

The art direction from Wondersphere does not shirk, it’s bold and striking. We commissioned illustrators to produce artwork that gave the website a cohesive identity. With our direction, Invest for Good has both purpose and visual personality.


Be Social.

Great content is meant to be shared. Our social media strategy focused on leveraging the networks we created through the blog to tap into a wider audience.

We developed Invest for Good’s social media channels from scratch. Through consistent posting, content creation and curation, we’ve seen remarkable results in a short space of time. Social media impressions have gone up 5000% since Dec 2019. LinkedIn has made the biggest leap, with impressions also up by 6000%. Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook are up 1700%.

As Invest for Good grows its community, so, too, does its reach.

Invest for Good Social
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Be collaborative.

Wondersphere is built on teamwork and collective creativity. We believe that diversity of opinion and vision produces unique results and we worked as one with the best content writers and artists in producing Invest for Good. But it’s very much grown out of a spirit of collaboration.

Invest for Good now has a clear identity and sense of purpose, appealing to its target audience. The platform, driven by its original content, continues to further develop into an authority in its field, with a growing number of valuable connections inspired by its message.