The Client.

Located in Appledore, Kent, Gusbourne is renowned for making the finest vintage English sparkling wines. Gusbourne wines are traditionally hand-sold through high-end retail and independent wine merchants.

The Context.

The pandemic gave many businesses the chance to rethink their business strategies. Gusbourne used it as an opportunity to broaden the accessibility and appeal of their vintage sparkling wines by looking for new sales avenues. Gusbourne Exclusive Release – a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier – would be sold exclusively to Waitrose, introducing it to new audiences who would appreciate a vintage product available off the shelf.

Why Us?

Wondersphere have worked with Gusbourne since the estate was established with responsibility for all aspects of the brand development. As an agency we have been key in transforming and building Gusbourne’s product portfolio. As a result of this partnership, our client trusted us to react and respond quickly to the changing needs of the business and we were instrumental in coming up with the strategy to introduce the brand to Waitrose.


The Challenge and Execution.

The timescale was extremely tight. We had only five months to create an identity for a new product that would be built on the reputation of Gusbourne. It had to have instant appeal without compromising on the brand’s values. We took a three-pronged approach: to build a strong personality, build strong assets and create distinct packaging. We embraced the idea of “bright and beautiful” to capture the essence of the new sparkling wine – a celebration of England and summer sunshine. To differentiate it from other products on Waitrose’s shelves, we used bright, eye-catching blocks of colour on the label. As a branding agency, Wondersphere knows the value of having a unique identity that creates a connection with your target audience. With strong graphics, distinct photography and standout visuals, we leveraged the power of the brand to generate immediate sales.

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We'll Drink to That.

The sales of Gusbourne Exclusive Release far exceeded our client’s expectations. Moreover, the wine went on to win a gold medal and the trophy for the best Vintage English Sparkling Wine  at the International Wine Challenge in 2022.

What We Say.

We believe that branding can elevate and define a product’s success. The power is in perception.

What They Say.

“Wondersphere were able to transform the winemaker’s initial concept into a supermarket shelf-ready product in just five months. Underpinned by clear strategic thought, the result was eye-catching and elegant. Exclusive Release was responsible for driving key sales at a challenging time and is the basis of our successful partnership with Waitrose.” 

Jonathan White, Head of Marketing

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